(Flash-augmented Multi Effect Evaporation)

The long experience of Prof. Barba and his team is manifested by “codified know-how”, numerical tools and design/optimization models and certified by scientific articles, patents (more than 10 patents and 50 scientific publications) and several industrial plants designed and built all over the world.

More recently, the R&D activity of Prof. Barba and Prof. Mauro Capocelli is  focused on “hybrid desalination methods” (evolution of conventional methods) for the sustainable production of water from non-conventional sources with zero-carbon footprint by exploiting very-low grade thermal energy.  BWE solutions in the Water Sector are based on our patented process of “Flash-augmented Multi Effect Evaporation”, hereafter called FlashME. This is the basis of a strategy for technology development and can be the source of other IP  in these fields:

  • Water desalination & reuse (for agricultural and civil uses) from waste heat as well as renewable energy (solar / geothermal)
  • production of freshwater (for industrial as well as civil/agricultural purposes) by recovering the heat directly from cooling water in open-cycles (e.g. surface or sea-water cooling)
  • cooling tower replacement and freshwater production in closed cycles
  • production of make-up water in steam power plants
  • pre-concentration of brines for enhanced water recovery (in ZLD process scheme)