After two Master of Engineering (Chemical and Aerospace Engineering during the ’70s and’ 80s) Diego Barba devoted himself, as industrial researcher, to the development of new technologies in the field of Water & Energy. The first result of international relevance was the development of the MSF Technology followed by the design and construction, in Porto Torres (Sardinia), of the first large-scale industrial plant in the world (see figures below). The BG-Barba Germanà & Partners Consulting, in collaboration with Main Contractors (initially SIR / EUTECO and later ITALIMPIANTI) operating in the Arab Gulf (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi), contributed to the development of Thermal Desalination and Dual-purpose Water-Energy Industrial Plants.

At the end of the 80’ D. Barba moved from the industrial world to the University as full professor bringing his R&D methodology and obtaining numerous results in terms of proprietary know-how, patents and scientific publications in many fields of Process Engineering.  

Mauro Capocelli, PhD in Chemical Engineering, has worked at the University of Naples and of L’Aquila, studying new technologies for purifying liquid and gaseous effluents. In 2014 he has moved to the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome where he took on the role of Associate Professor of Chemical Plants in 2020. He is working with Prof. D. Barba to reproduce this success story with the innovative Start-up BWE Patents for the creation of new generation of technologies focused on the principles of Sustainability and Circular Economy.  

Dr. Camilla Iannuzziello joined the BWE team as co-founder to take care of Intellectual Properties and the Grant Office. For the early-stage development (foundation and financing of the first to patents) BWE Start-up Project has been selected and financed by Regione Lazio (“Preseed POR FESR 2014/2020). At present, BWE is looking for Partners (Main Contractors & Constructors) to realize and further develop these novel Technologies.